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    We are making changes to our website.  PLEASE, come and visit again.

    Or email us at ChildrenAreForever@aol.com.

    and we will keep you updated on our new stories.

    Don’t forget that Each week the Fox family has this for us:

    This is VERY well done!


    I think your family will enjoy it. Please let me know.HannahWRITES_COLOR-WEB

    We are still making plans changes At the Ranch in Colorado! 


    Pray for us!   This ranch was a ministry many years ago.  A large kitchen and small chapel were added to feed people.  We are working to restore old buildings and have a place for people, and have even added a trailer with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for housing needs as we see them.   

    This is what we are doing:

    1.  We often a home fellowship here.  

    2.  We have put in 4 hook ups for RV’s.

    3.  We have an additional trailer to help as we see the needs that come to us.

    4.  Our dwarf goats are fun and hope to have a new baby soon! (3/2018)  We have a new calf and lamb that joined us last week! We have barns and buildings for goats, cattle, ducks … LOTS of places on this 160 acres to create!  We even have a neat little building with wonderful windows and a deep hot tub – perfect for mikvah’s! 


    WE still have our weekly Torah Tales!

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