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    Did you see our Cartoons with a purpose:

    Teen Torah Talk

    5. 5-2-16.Click on Image to see FULL Size.





    We are adding to our new program I call

    “SKPS-911”  = Sabbath Keepers Parent Support – HELP

    Here we will add information as we gather it about crafts, stories, links to all kinds of support for families living in a challenging world.

    Each week we will add more as they come to us.  PLEASE, if you know of, or learn of something that will help other families, please send it to us at ChildrenRForever@aol.com.  We will share it here.

    We are using PayPal, but know they are not upholding the freedom of believers who object to the LGBT rights that are superseding ours.  So, we will soon be changing our server to STRIPE as soon as we can.  This looks like a more secure and less expensive option.  Check it out.

    I also plan to collect the names of other businesses that are going against the freedoms we have been given by the Constitution to worship the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Please let me know of others.  Thank you.

    1.  Paypal    2.  NFL    3.  Disney    4.  City of San Francisco  5.  Target   6.  Time Warner (CNN)  7.  UPS    8.  Home Depot  9.  Coca Cola



    Don’t forget that Each week the Fox family has this for us:

    This is VERY well done!


    Look at www.Torah Puppets.com  

    This is a Hebrew Roots ministry

    ALSO –  look at www.HomeSchoolHowTos.com

    Home School How-To’s 

    ALL kinds of classes for your family!

    I think your family will enjoy it. Please let me know.HannahWRITES_COLOR-WEB

    We are still making plans for Children Are Forever and Mrs. Noah’s Ranch in Colorado! 


    Pray for us!   This ranch was a ministry many years ago.  A large kitchen and small chapel were added to feed people.  We are working to restore old buildings to make a place for a family camp and Sukkot location – on our Ranch!  

    This is what we are doing:

    1.  We have begun to create a small studio to make CD’s and DVD’s, using the stories and music we have been creating!  The room is an old cellar at the front of the house. 

    2.  We will be building a home fellowship here.  

    3.  We have put in 4 hook ups for RV’s.

    4.  We have a old trailer we hope to use to add showers and restrooms near the area for campers.

    5.  (April 6) We Just got 20 new beautiful baby chicks (a variety) to add to our flock, along with additional barns and buildings for goats, horses, ducks … LOTS of places on this 80 acres to create!  We even have a neat little building with wonderful windows and a deep hot tub – perfect for mikvah’s! 


    We, (Children Are Forever and YahForce) have some talented children – and TONS of ideas!  We hope to showcase them in our efforts.

     And remember! Mrs. Noah’s “Torah Tale Club” FREE!  We will send you weekly stories, an official ID card, AND give you information on how you can get points to earn prizes! 

     Go to: www.childrenRforever@aol.com  to join us  —   


    Torah Teens – YahForce.com

      Check out our TEEN/Tween WEBSITE: childrenRforever@aol.com

    WE are building new challenges for both this website and our teen program — www.YahForce.com